Széchenyi 2020


We manufacture and distribute the following gymnastics supplies: 

  • Wall bars: Palaestral, indoor, preschool
  • Rung
  • Small box
  • Gymnastics bench: 4 meters, 2 meters
  • Vaulting box: Palaestral: 5-piece, Preschool: 2-piece and 3-piece
  • Springboard
  • Gym rings: stand-up, wall console, adjustable
  • Climbing equippment: rope, handle
  • Gymnastics beam
  • Floor beam
  • Jumping equipment
  • Pommel horse
  • Buck
  • Asymmetric bars
  • Parallel bars
  • Horizontal bars, wall bars
  • Ballet barre: mobile, fixed wall-bar, height-adjustable wall-bar


Additional related sports technology equipment:

  • Dressing bench, one and two sided, different sizes, with plywood seating area
  • Vertical jump measure device
  • High jump measuring stick, metallic


You can find our current price list in pdf format in the „Price list” menu item, which includes the exact item number and the description of the products.


A few images about the gymnastics supplies and the related sports technology equipment we offer:

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