Széchenyi 2020


We manufacture and distribute the following grandstands:


Fixed grandstands:

  • Fixed grandstand with steady structure
  • Fixed grandstand with disassemblable structure
  • Fixed grandstand with wooden seat
  • Fixed grandstand with plastic bucket-seat or backrest seat
  • Fixed grandstand with tiltable backrest
  • Fixed grandstand with fully tiltable seat


Mobile grandstands:

  • Mobile grandstand with extractable wooden seats
  • Mobile grandstand with extractable plastic bucket-seat or backrest seat
  • Mobile grandstand with extractable tiltable backrest
  • Mobile grandstand with extractable fully tiltable seats


The grandstands are ÉMI-TÜV certified.

Our outdoor grandstands are hot-dip galvanized, indoor grandstands are powder-coated with unique RAL surface protection.

You can find our current price list in pdf format in the „Price list” menu item, which includes the exact item number and the description of the products!

A few images about the grandstands we offer:

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