Széchenyi 2020

Basketball stand

We manufacture and distribute the following basketball stands:

  • Basketball wall stand fixed
  • Basketball wall stand foldable sidelong
  • Basketball stand adjustable: crab, engined
  • Basketball stand adjustable: forward, backward
  • Basketball stand mobil: mechanical, hydraulical
  • Streetball stand: concreting, mobile back-balanced
  • Basketball hoop: glass, plexi, MDF, fiberglass, adjustable height
  • Basket ring: Fixed, enhanced fixed, sprung

Other related sports technology equipment:

  • Electronic scoreboard
  • Podium for result announcement
  • Shoulder pad for plexi or glass hoop

The basketball stands and the streetball stands could be made with 0,5m-3,5m adjustability with standard or custom design.

Our outdoor basketball stands are hot-dip galvanized, indoor basketball stands are powder-coated with unique RAL surface protection. You can find our current price list in pdf format in the „Price list” menu item, which includes the exact item number and the description of the products.

A few images about the basketball stands and the related sports technology equipment we offer:

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